Their speed helps them outrun predators. Unlike domestic pigs, these creatures are wild and unpredictable. The Desert is on the Ethiopia/Somali border south into Kenya. Instead of digging their own burrows, they find abandoned aardvark holes or natural burrows for homes. The pencil numbers are old weight markers only. A warthog has two pairs of tusks protruding from the mouth, and the tusks curve upwards. The warthogs large tusks are unusual: The two upper ones emerge from the sides of the snout to form a semicircle; the lower tusks at the base of the uppers are worn to a sharp … With four tusks and large shovel-shaped heads, warthogs look fierce, but they often avoid fighting predators such as lions, cheetahs, leopards, wild dogs, or hyenas by running away or dodging into a burrow. Warthogs can run as fast as 30 miles (48 kilometers) an hour, often outdistancing a pursuer. Adults are gray, black or brown, and the young are pinkish. Female warthogs have up to eight young at a time, though they usually only have two or three, after a gestation period of around six months. Buy It Now +$4.75 shipping. These teeth, technically called canine teeth (as they are in all mammals that have them), have both deciduous (i.e., temporary, “baby” or “milk”) and permanent sets. They have dark gray colored skin that is has short hairs. They tend to take over burrows that have been left behind by other animals though instead of digging their own when possible. Males weigh 9 to 23 kilograms (20 to 50 pounds) more than females, but both are distinguished by disproportionately large heads and “warts” — thick protective pads that appear on both sides of the head. They are found in open and semi-open habitats, even in quite arid regions, in sub-Saharan Africa.. A warthog is a large member of the pig family and a close cousin of the wild boar. $39.99. Their speed helps them outrun predators. Both tusks are triangular in cross-section. Warthogs also sport four sharp tusks. (You are buying the tusk in the photo) for $35.00, 9-1/2 inch Warthog Tusk, Warthog Ivory from African Warthog .45 lb … Hope it heals with no infection! Sometimes females will also nurse the young of other females in their sounder. The upper tusks on the average are 8" long and thicker than the lower ones. Each warthog has four tusk, two on eash side of their snouts. The upper pair can grow to 25cm. Warthog has Longer Tusks than boar. The diet for the Warthog consists of roots, berries, grass, eggs, fungus, carrion, and bark from trees. Similar Photos See All. Eyes set high on the head enables the warthog to keep a lookout for predators even when it lowers its head to feed on short grass. 4.5 out of 5 stars (4,031) 4,031 reviews $ 7.50. The tusks of the warthog shear against each other, making the bottom tusks razor sharp. They tend to run away from danger most of the time but they will fight if they need to. Our warthog ivory is from the African Warthog found in South Africa. Having a huge pair of tusks built-in certainly helps! Their most distinctive features are their four sharp tusks and the thick, bumpy pads or “warts” on their faces. All rights reserved. Their large tusks are unusual: the two upper tusks emerge from the sides of the snout to form a semicircle; the lower tusks, at the base of the uppers, are worn to a sharp-cutting edge. The face of a warthog is wide and flat, with a long snout and four tusks (two sets). Warthog’s design is inspired by the A-10 Warthog aircraft, along with some particularly memorable hog hunts our team has enjoyed. Even though the Warthog isn’t at risk of too low numbers right now, there are concerns about it. Wathog with sharp tusks and coarse body hair. They use them for digging as well as for fighting. Many of these animals are killed by poachers that want to take their ivory. Does the Warthog Make a Good Pet. Pre-Owned. The lower tusks are short and sharp. They use their tusks for digging and fighting. There are quite a few types of habitat that the Warthog is able to do well in. The warthog has an average lifespan of 12 to 18 years.. The tusks are not used for digging,[6] but are used for combat with other hogs, and in defense against predators – the lower set can inflict severe wounds. These Warthog Tusks are beautiful and perfect for creating ornate knife handles, ivory jewelry, walking cane handles, and so much more. The Common Warthog is most distinguishable by the two pairs of tusks protruding out and curving upwards from its large head. The Common Warthog is most distinguishable by the two pairs of tusks protruding out and curving upwards from its large head. The unique thing about animals with tusks like warthog is that they have not just a pair of tusks but two. Their tusks are used for digging up solid soil, defending themselves against predators and fighting against rivals.
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