That means killing Harper (who is voiced by Michael Rooker from the original Black Ops Zombies!) // --> This year, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 comes with a brand new approach to the game’s ending: we have different endings based on how we played the game and I am sure that you are most interested in how to get the best ending in Black Ops 2.I am here to share with you all the details – it’s not much to know, but pretty difficult to do it. Far Cry 4 game save 11% (2) 04. Download desired Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 save game file to your desktop. Harper shares close similarities with Woods, in the way he acts, talks, his history and the way the game is centered around him with him being the right hand man, best friend of the main character. Clear the building with the help of the CLAWs then head outside to the flooded streets. Use them to clear the rail yard easily. Accepted Answer. 8 years ago. Final Fantasy x-2 HD starter save (16) 02. Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns Ultimate starter save V2. Also, Don't kill Menendez. Slide down the tunnel then continue upstairs to trigger the next part of the mission. Shooting Harper leads to one of the game's "better" ending as the operative intervenes to save a valuable asset later on. Good ending. Take out the guards by the sewer entrance, then head inside. Seek for installation folder on your hard drive (usually C:Program Files (x86)ActivisionCall of Duty Black Ops II) and copy files to "players" directory. Darkflare_EX - 7 years ago 0 0. As always from Trucoteca we recommend that you try to play without using them to get the most out of the playable experience, although you may be very helpful in obtaining certain Achievements. Still have questions? // --> Where is Trump going to live after he leaves office? Brad Parscale: Trump could have 'won by a landslide', Ex-NFL lineman unrecognizable following extreme weight loss, Watch: Extremely rare visitor spotted in Texas county, Baby born from 27-year-old frozen embryo is new record, Hiker recounts seeing monolith removed from desert, Hershey's Kisses’ classic Christmas ad gets a makeover, 'Retail apocalypse' will spread after gloomy holidays: Strategist, Comic: Secret Service called me after Trump joke. > > What's up with Mason in Black Ops 2? Twin CLAWs. Cheats / Tips Black OPS 2 PC Here are a series of tips and tricks of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for PC and that will certainly make the game much easier. After the scene, head to the rail yard and engage the enemies there. Later on, Farid will save Chloe from Salazar/DeFalco. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer review: "A back to basics COD with a drawback for every high point" 3 Disney's Haunted Mansion board … lul 3. 4. Check the alley to your immediate right to find another intel and an ammo cache. After the target enters the room, continue following Harper to the next point. Alex Mason (You) will… Continue to the trainyard for another surveillance. Shooting Harper kills him and he's not present for the rest of the game. Black Ops 2 Harper. Pandemic benefits underpaid in most states, watchdog finds, Trump threatens defense bill over social media rule. This is a 100% save file for Black Ops 2 with all unlocks, all challenges done and all missions finished on Veteran atleast once. insertVideo('16452'); Alley Intel. Anonymous. Biohazard HD remaster 100% completed save (20) 08. Source(s): Black Ops 2 100% save. In the views of many gamer's, Mike Harper is a Frank Woods to David Mason, a bad ass right hand man. Chloe is then taken away by DeFalco (who detonates previously planted explosives over the hotel), and Section and Harper go after them. ... Answer Save. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Modern Warfare 2 is a first-person tactical shooter and the sixth entry in the popular Call of Duty series. The game will recognize that Harper didn't get hurt at all and you'll still get the trophy. As you can see, for the greater good of the world and the ending, Harper has to die; burned up face or not. Although David and Harper's bond is … Hey Good Lookin. In the mission "Odyssey" It … Debris Intel. He fails and is killed. The result of your actions from the previous mission will be apparent during the briefing (pictures above) and in all missions except the next one (although the information about this fact will be given in the guide only at this point). These are not usually tested by us (because there are so many), so please use them at your own risk. FALSE! So apparently to get the best Black Ops 2 ending you have to kill Harper. A portion of the building will crumble ahead. You will move to the jeep or you'll simply continue driving it. Shoot A. Mason on his 2 Legs and kaboom! © Web Media Network Limited, 1999 - 2020. Not shooting Harper leads the operative to try to shoot Menendez. If the player catches up to DeFalco and kills him, Chloe is … insertVideo('16454'); Once available, take control of Brutus and Maximus. Find all intels in “Time and Fate.” In the mission “Time and Fate,” you have find all intels so you can … Call of Duty Black Ops 2 100% save file This savegame will put you at the last game scene. (13) 06. In case that happens, save and quit then continue. He was the protagonist in the first Black Ops. After the jump, you'll have the option to continue driving or controlling the drone instead. User Info: Darkflare_EX. 4 years ago. The story itself only has the first mission completed, so you'll have to replay through the story to get the right story choices for fast ILs. // --> 4 Answers. An entry into the blockbuster first-person shooter franchise, Call of Duty: Black Ops II brings players back into the shadows for another Black Ops mission assignment. insertVideo('16451'); Relevance. Section and Harper run behind a bar and kill any hostiles in the club. Finally, follow Harper again and swim to the next area. This is my black ops 2 harper skin i liked black ops 2 campaingn so much i just had two to make a skin for it hope you like it Download skin now! and not shooting Menendez. Such as Alex shooting Menendez in the face and Woods killing his sister Josefina, prompting Ra… The Minecraft Skin, harper (black ops 2… Challenges:- Avoid damage from large debris in streets- Direct CLAWs to eliminate enemy personnel (x8) on the flooded street- Record 400 TB of data from Mendez surveillance- Incinerate enemy personnel (x10) with flamethrower attachment- Protect CLAWs (x2) from destruction- Deploy SOC-T boost to find alternate routes (x2)- Destroy enemy vehicles (x20) with drone missiles\- Destroy enemy vehicles (x8) with the SOC-T- Collect intel (x3)- 100% survivability ratingAs soon as the mission starts, don't leave the room yet.
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