fully assembled. Acacia wood furniture Image Source wallpapersafari Sure every other wood is used for furniture but what makes this type so much superior. Since overexposure to sun and water are bad for wood, it can be protected by giving it UV protection and using water repellants. Durable: Acacia wood furniture products is harden then oak and are naturally durable and reasonably strong. Though it is similar in appearance to pine, yet it is more decay-resistant, making it ideal for garden furniture. Since it doesn’t retain heat, it won’t heat up in the summer. However, if you’re looking for a teak substitute wood that can more closely match it’s durability, shorea and eucalyptus are your best bets. (The same holds true for birch and poplar.) Eucalyptus patio furniture is made from wood, and wood can rot. But hold on, there are also some reasons that When maintaining your furniture with paint, remember that the best paint for outdoor wood is semi-transparent oil stain that is good for fences, gazebos and arches. Walker Edison Furniture Company Solid Acacia Wood Patio Chairs (Set of 2) - Brown 4.4 out of 5 stars 176 $218.24 $ 218. 61 $799.00 $799.00 The main difference is just the lower cost of nearly $300 less for the shorea item. Free UK mainland delivery when They are also easy to maintain and if boiled, you can see their distinctive grains. Including west elm, Chest of Drawers, and west elm Beds. A few wood types that can stand adverse weather are teak, acacia and eucalyptus, so go with any of these. Not just any piece will do; you want something that's timeless, durable, and easy to maintain, so you decide to go with a solid wood piece. As for the comparison between eucalyptus and acacia wood for outdoor furniture, you’ll find that eucalyptus ends up more durable and closer in quality to teak. Being softwood, however, it cuts and fastens easily. $536.73 $ 536. They main difference is just in the type of wood used as the raw material. The main advantage shorea has over teak is its lower cost. 1. It works well with nails and screws. It is a dense, durable hardwood that has a high oil content and is resistant to the elements, rotting and insects. Whittier Wood Products offers a line of outdoor furniture called Gardenwood using eucalyptus and yellow balau woods and weather-resistant anodized steel or brass hardware. If you continue to use the site we assume you're OK with it. Most lumber yards that deal in exotic hardwoods commonly stock teak and acacia lumber in random widths, lengths and thicknesses. Wood patio furniture , as well as other products, constructed from eucalyptus make a rich and warm addition to any surroundings. If you keep your furniture dry and well maintained, its life will be extended. There are approximately 196 different species of trees in the Shorea genus that are native to the tropical rainforests of India and Southeast Asia. It is often used in boat building. Eucalyptus is a sustainable, plantation grown hardwood actively replanted in … $1,058.49 $ 1,058. Come to find out, there's a massive amount of differe Furniture shoppers often seek acacia wood. Amazonia Chaise 5-Piece Patio Octagon Dining Table Set | Eucalyptus Wood | Ideal for Outdoors and Indoors, 47Lx43Wx36H, Light Brown 4.4 out of 5 stars 6 $410.61 $ 410 . Lightly sand your furniture if it develops mold. Not only is the wood of these trees dense but it is also sturdy and durable. That said, it is not quite as strong or durable as teak. To preserve its natural color, it’s best to finish it or it will have a dark brown or black look. 73. The Eucalyptus is fine (although others will say that the oils will spoil or taint your food, but the oils are the first things to burn off anyway as they are very flammable), they produce alot of … List of the Pros of Eucalyptus Furniture 1. This set also has an extendable oval table of approximately the same size, and like the other set, it comes with 8 armchairs. Woods that can be used for outdoor furniture are many, so it would be difficult to say which is the best wood for outdoor furniture. In the Biblical account, the Ark of the Covenant is said to have been made from shittim wood, which comes from the red acacia … However, there are other ways of maintaining your outdoor wooden furniture, such as: There are several benefits of having wooden furniture in your outdoors, such as: Considering different woods come with different characteristics and benefits, it would be difficult to point to any one wood type as the best wood for outdoor furniture, but cedar and teak are recommended. Maintenance: Good quality wooden furniture can be maintained to extend its appearance and long life by first of all applying exterior finish, varnish, epoxy resin, sealants or paint, as necessary. In fact, shorea has an even higher density than teak due to the tighter grain of the wood. These trees grow in large measure in many parts of the world, so acacia furniture is easy to find. You would have to ask yourself what you want to use the garden for more: perhaps entertaining, relaxing or some quality family time? Your table legs and chair legs in particular are vulnerable because they rest on surfaces that become damp and wet. It is more popular for deck and patio furniture than garden furniture because moisture can cause it to discolor if it is left unsealed. Now for an example of eucalyptus furniture, check out this 9-Piece Oval Dining Set by Amazonia: The price currently listed for this set is $1,793. Lots of people want something with the look and quality of teak but at a more affordable price point. Re: Eucalyptus or Acacia wood I use juniper. We use cookies for the best experience. If left unsealed, acacia should be reserved for deck or patio furniture, since constant contact with the damp ground of a garden may cause the wood to discolor. So what kind of outdoor furniture would you go for? Tough and durable: Experts in this field insist that this wood is extremely hard, possibly tougher than … Cedar: By far, the best choice for outdoor furniture, cedar leads because its natural aroma puts off the garden pests. So when you compare eucalyptus vs teak wood for outdoor furniture, you’ll find that the perceived quality of eucalyptus is only slightly lower then teak. It can also be left unfinished. The Parsons 8 seater dining set shows the strength of value in Eucalyptus allowing you to get a lot of product at a very affordable price. The table can extend from 6 feet to 7 3/4 feet, and the set includes 8 stackable armchairs. Material: Oil-finished solid eucalyptus and acacia wood Canopy material: Waterproof polyester fabric Chain material: Galvanised steel Maximum load capacity: 235 kg Dimensions: 167 x 120 x 192 cm (W x D x H) Seat width: 122 This website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. Eucalyptus is one of the most widely cultivated tropical hardwoods. Using wooden furniture gives your outdoors a sophisticated look, depending on how you display it and the ambience it creates. The abundance of plantations guarantees a plentiful supply of this tropical hardwood, which drives down the cost for the consumer. Less likely to warp or crack than acacia. Here’s a look at some durable woods for your outdoor projects. It is easy material to cut, fasten and stick, making it a carpenter’s delight. Christopher Knight Home Carolina Outdoor Acacia Sofa Set, 4-Pcs Set, Brown Patina + Cream Cushion. As you can see, it is possible to get considerable savings on the cost of your outdoor furniture by choosing either shorea wood or eucalyptus as an alternative to a teak patio set. Teak Wood vs Shorea Wood Comparison Teak vs Shorea When you are buying premium outdoor wood furniture, teak furniture seems to dominate the market.But Shorea (Balau species) has been making inroads into the market. Its rust-red color is very appealing but is not easy to get, thus making it expensive. Acacia is a genus It is also easy to cut and stick well with glue. Easy to maintain: Looking after outdoor furniture made from eucalyptus wood is very easy. Size: How much space do you have in your garden for furniture? However, if you’d like to maintain the golden color of new shorea wood furniture, various teak furniture care products such as Semco Teak Sealer would do the job. If you really want the most long-lasting furniture then choose teak, but if you prefer to save a bit of money then eucalyptus can be a great alternative. Teak wood is commonly used in outdoor furniture because of its resistance to rot, insects, and water, but reclaimed teak has become a popular material choice for high-quality indoor furniture. If you do have scratches appear, then a simple touch-up marker will usually correct This makes them less expensive for the consumer, even though they are also dense woods that both look great and hold up excellently in an outdoor environment. And the primary reason for the high cost is simply due to its limited availability. Acacia Vs Eucalyptus Outdoor Furniture Modified on 11/3/2018 Both the teak and eucalyptus are known as tropical hardwoods that weather into a silver patina with the span of time when left outside, besides that teak is a longer-lasting wood and more durable as well. Here is a 4-Foot Shorea Bench by Oxford Garden. That being said, I am debating between patio furniture made of teak or eucalyptus. However, it originated in Australia and is native there. Many people have an appreciation for this natural color transformation. Teak color blends easily with your outdoor furniture and … There’s a wide range of outdoor wooden furniture you can bring into your garden and transform its look. birch wood. Acacia is a type of wood that grows in Africa, the Americas, Asia, and the Pacific Rim. It is a hardwood , so it’s suitable for timber, logs, and for sturdy types of furniture like chairs, tables, and other items in the home. Finish: The acacia wood furniture comes with smooth finish, which makes the acacia wood furniture to look different from others. It looks beautiful whether you let it weather naturally or apply a coat of finish to preserve its natural color. To keep your wooden furniture looking like new, you should use a UV blocking finish or a top coat that prevents the ill-effects of harsh sunlight. Cover furniture when not used with cloth covers. The main deterrents to keeping wooden furniture in the outdoors are overexposure to sunlight, moisture in the air, insects and fungi in the garden, each causing some measure of rot. If you intend hosting parties for small groups of people, buy small tables for food and drinks and wooden benches and comfortable chairs for your guests. Not just any piece will do; you want something that's timeless, durable, and easy to maintain, so you decide to go with a solid wood piece. Acacia Wood Furniture in AustinBefore You BuyImagine this: you're on the hunt for furniture. Locust fence posts are often the last thing standing long after the fence itself is gone. They're both imported to the United States as furniture, fixtures and flooring, among other items. Chairs, benches and dining tables come in all shapes and sizes, so measure out your free space before investing in furniture. 4.2 out of 5 stars 34. Next, it does not rust when in contact with metal. The main difference between acacia and teak is that acacia has much lower natural oil content—and thus lower density. This will also help with the one major drawback of eucalyptus, cracking in the cold. Eucalyptus conjures images of Australia, whose old-growth forests primarily consist of this large, strong tree. The ultimate decision really depends on the buyer’s priorities—cost or durability. Wood is a favorite material for outdoor furniture. Eucalyptus Patio Furniture is a fast-growing wood with a variety of beautiful grains and colors, depending on the species. About Acacia Wood. However, only those that survive the most grueling weather conditions are those that stand the test of time. Some of it grows in the wild, while some farmers take advantage of its fast-growing features to create tree farms with it. Comparison Between Acacia Wood And Eucalyptus Wood Acacia Wood Advantages Of Acacia Wood. Maybe, all of them from time to time. When sunlight beats down on your furniture, it will begin to fade and its grain when not maintained or when left bare will also die. The gold standard of wood for exterior durability with or without sealant. Buying Tips for Choosing the Best Teak Patio Furniture. How to Oil Acacia Wood Patio Furniture. Both of these benches have a similar design, and both should hold up excellently over time in your backyard. In general, I would steer towards eucalyptus (or teak) if you want to buy a nice big dining set or other furniture that you plan to have for 20+ years. But if you do, choose wooden outdoor furniture that ages well and can withstand the rigors of every season. Wood patio furniture is a great way to create a warm, inviting look with pieces that will last for years. Although mineral oil is non-toxic and food safe, it is not used often as a finish for wood furniture, as other oils on this list offer more desirable traits. It is best used for patio, deck furniture or for flooring the interiors, since it might discolor if it is in constant contact with wet garden soil. Next up, we have the best wood Adirondack chair: the Outdoor Interiors CD3111 Eucalyptus. Such as Eucalyptus, Shorea, Balau, Kapur, and Acacia! Teak vs Wicker Furniture – Which is Best for Your Backyard? The same type of oil color applying on different types of wood would create a different finishing due to the different natural wood color base. For example, acacia wood have natural white and dark color base, eucalyptus wood have more even red/pinkish base color. When you buy it it’s a honey brown and over time, it ages into an elegant silver grey. While both teak and eucalyptus are tropical hardwoods that weather to a silver patina with age when left outside, teak is a longer-lasting, more durable and -- not surprisingly -- more expensive wood. John Lewis Eucalyptus wood, Acacia veneer Home Brands. I find juniper loses its aroma in a properly hot oven. Finally, if saving money is your biggest priority, and you’re not so concerned about the longevity of the product—acacia is an acceptable choice. Teak has a well-deserved reputation as the premium wood choice for outdoor furniture, but it’s also a rather expensive wood and not in everyone’s budget. However, if you want hardwood furniture that mimics teak in appearance and quality with significant savings—then you should look at eucalyptus. Let’s look at a few examples of specific furniture items and their prices as listed on Amazon.com at the time of writing. If not, you should think of a storeroom for it too. It's often used for rustic pieces, like farmhouse-style tables. It also sands smoothly and accepts paint well. As water recedes from the wood fibers, the wood begins to shrink, resulting in twisting, end- checking and surface-checking, cupping ad crooking. Choose from a great range of Eucalyptus wood, Acacia veneer Home Brands. To increase its longevity and to maintain its rich color, eucalyptus furniture Pine is an inexpensive, lightweight wood that can be yellowish or whitish with brown knots. Acacia: If you are environment-conscious, you would reach out for acacia. Acacia wood is a naturally oily wood, and teak oil will trap any dirt or dust on the furniture if not properly cleaned first before oiling. Though expensive, it is difficult to cut, shape and is not a delight to work with where carpenter’s tools are concerned. Now let’s look at both of these woods in detail to see why they’re good choices for consumers who wish to balance quality and value: Eucalyptus is a native of Australia, where it is famously known as the only food eaten by koalas. Its rich, golden color can be further enhanced if you seal this wood. But Shorea (Balau species) has been making inroads into the market. Eucalyptus conjures images of Australia, whose old-growth forests primarily consist of this large, strong tree. Both teak and eucalyptus provide excellent wood for teak patio furniture.Although they have some similarities, these two woods are different in appearance, cost and availability. Quality: Do you plan to keep your outdoor furniture through the year? storage. By getting rid of the following, fungi will be eliminated: To reduce the chances of fungus, it is best to choose hardwood that is highly resistant to decay. It is currently listed at $399 and has an average rating of 4.5 stars from 40 different customer reviews. But when looking at prices, the savings of picking eucalyptus wood can more than outweigh the possible reduced lifetime of the product. What is Acacia Wood? This renewable wood variety is best known for its high-quality features. If you’re looking to find outdoor furniture that will hold up for as long as teak—at a slightly lower price—then I would suggest going with shorea. resin wicker. Cedar In fact, yearly cleaning and sealing of cedar are recommended, as the soft grain becomes rough over time if left untreated. Acacia wood is good for outdoor furniture. Douglas Fir: If you’re thinking of applying a natural stain or finish to your wooden patio furniture, then go with cedar, white oak or redwood. Decay originates from fungus that needs a humid environment to live in and bring damage to its environment. To keep rot from affecting your tables and chairs from the bottom up, try placing rubber caps on the bottom. It has a durability that will stand the test of time. Achieve a flawless balance of style and function with our eucalyptus wood furniture - comfortable, affordable, and crafted to withstand the elements. What are the actual savings you’d get by choosing shorea or eucalyptus furniture over teak? This will keep it long-lasting, from season to season without worry.While this is definitely an attractive trait, that’s not all the wood … rubberwood. Cedar: Cedar is an excellent choice of wood for outside furniture for your garden as it is decay-resistant and will therefore last long. This doesn’t mean it is a bad choice though . It has an attractive finish, and is great value. © 2013-2020 The Basic Woodworking. Cypress, Teak, Native White Oak: These types of wood are also highly resistant to twisting, warping, cracking and decay. This will need a lot of research and hotfooting from store to store. When considering eucalyptus outdoor furniture, you should know that it is an excellent hardwood and can last up to 25 years exposed to the elements if left untreated. I would think eucalyptus would be good for heating the oven. Eucalyptus is an incredibly fast growing tree. Acacia is an exotic wood from the South Pacific. While it is far cheaper that teak, it doesn’t quite match shorea or eucalyptus in quality. Because both sets are made by the same manufacturer, we can assume that they have about the same level of attention to detail and quality. It has been found that as dark woods age with overexposure to the sun, they lighten and as light woods age, they get darker. One the other hand, the savings by choosing eucalyptus instead of teak can be rather significant. If the wood you choose for your external project isn’t chemically treated, it will crumble in adverse weather, turn gray and crack or warp. Acacia wood vs. Eucalyptus wood The most common finishing for outdoor furniture is oil finishing. The Properties of Eucalyptus Wood. Therefore, it is important that you choose rot-resistant wood. Will your garden furniture serve as extra seating for when you throw summer parties? All it needs is a good wipe so that it is dust-free and that’s all. 4. Function: What are your needs for outdoor furniture? Be experimental with such products. However, if you choose to paint your furniture, you’ll do well to go with Douglas fir. This means that it can be grown in a sustainable manner. We might compare it to the Three Birds Classic 4-Foot Teak Bench, which is currently listed at $683. This keeps its cost low, and many consumers will gladly take the trade-off of a slightly shorter expected lifetime for the significantly lower price of eucalyptus furniture. Lightly paint where necessary and finish with a water-repellent preservative containing a stain or chemical that gets rid of mildew or mold.
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