An organization is considered to be effective if it finds the balance between the demands of various stakeholders (owners, employees, customers, community) and the needs of the employees. American Journal of Business and Management Vol. THE IMPACT OF LEADERSHIP STYLE ON ORGANIZATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS. Finally, justice and fairness is extremely important in organizational management to impact organization performance and organizational growth. (2012). Leadership Training Needs for Senior Leaders “Leadership is like a muscle. While we would associate leadership with higher performance at the organizational level, the leader as a supervisor of employees would also be expected to make a direct impact at the individual level. In this section we examine link between leadership styles and performance, organizational culture-performance relationship and culture-leadership styles relationship. Managers and employees may also be less willing to help dominant or extremely critical leaders with accomplishing goals and objectives. Moods Transactional leadership had the high-est impact on the performance of the organization followed by transformational leadership style. Impact of Situational Leadership on Performance and Motivation Leaders are role models who influence the culture, values, thoughts and actions of the organization and its people. We believe that an appropriate leadership style can influence and ensure the prosperity and the economic growth of both the organization and employees. Therefore, the aim of the paper is to explore the impact of leadership styles on the organizational performance. Leadership style of the leader of an organization has a strong impact on the performance of the organization. On the practical side, it seeks to inform managers that According to Aarons (2006), “Leadership is associated with organizational and staff performance” (p. 1163). It is assumed that the kind of leadership style employed in an organization has an impact on its overall performance. Leadership is one of the key driving forces for improving a firm’s performance. Leadership is the most cogitating and investigate at organizational variable, the leader has a potential impact on employee performance (Cummings & Schwab, 1973). However, leaders find it difficult to postulate their kind of styles to the workers and the organization in order to increase their organizational performance. Impact Of Leadership Styles On Organizational Performance: An Empirical Assessment Of… DOI: 10.9790/487X-17833145 33 | Page Organizational Performance Organizational Performance Has Become One Of The Multi-Dimensional And Complex Phenomenon The concept The study is limited to find out the impact of leadership style on organizational performance. Keywords: Organizational performances, Transactional leadership, Transformational lea-dership … pact on organizational performance though at a varying level. Personal and organizational behavior related to leadership demands a The continued success enjoyed by many organizations is derived from a balanced that are achieved in terms of goals of both the employees and the management of the organization through effective leadership. Wang Tsui and Xin 2011 analyzed the 125 Chinese firms to study the role of leadership on organizational performance. As stated by Ullah, (2013), there are various research conducted on the subject of leadership performance with a view to separate the personality dimension like value, motivations that are considered an integral part of successful leaders. The traditional view of organizational performance focuses mostly on financial performance which makes it difficult to see the overstretching impact of strategic leadership. view leadership as one of the key driving forces for improving a … Multidimensional impact of Strategic leadership. We believe that an appropriate leadership style can influence and ensure the prosperity and the economic growth of both the organization and employees. Leadership can have a negative impact on organizational performance. Leadership is one of the key determinants associated with the success and failure of any organization. Honestly and integrity, primary relate to … Good leadership is a management function that maximizes on the ability of businesses to become productive and result oriented. Impact of leadership on organisational performance. employees of an organization in terms of their performance rate. Ibrar (2016) claims that there exists a significant relationship between leadership and organizational performance. bstract-A Academic and business literature mostly focuses on the positive traits of the leadership. The research therefore aims at looking at how transformative leadership impacts on employee performance at KWS and if yields the same results as other researches have shown in other parts of the world. 1, No 4, 2012, 202-207 Riley, J. The impact of transformational leadership style on organizational performance: The intermediary effects of leader-member exchange Abstract: Nowadays, facing the great changes of the enterprises in the world, the experts in the business and theory fields are seeking for more effective management style, thus substantially improving the organizational performance. Only office managers and Top level managers from selected banks in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, such as First Bank PLC, and Union Bank PLC were used in the study. Due to its impact on personal and organizational outcomes, transformational leadership is needed in all organizations (Tucker & Russell, 2004). Though most of the researchers in the past agreed that leadership style has relationship with organizational performance but there are some … Organizational success or failure is largely dependent on the leadership style. Ojokuku, Odetayo and Sajuyigbe (2012) Impact of Leadership Style on Organizational Performance: A case Study of Nigerian Banks. 1.4 Important studies about leadership and organizational performance The most important recent studies on the impact of leadership on organizational performance are discussed in the following. Thus, we decided to focus on individual-level performance. Impact of Dysfunctional Leadership on Organizational Performance By Ozgur Savas . Thus, the leadership style of satisfaction with the leadership styles of his boss in meeting his needs can have impact on his performance in the organization. Academy of Management Journal, 48(3), 420.432. Leaders begin the working process by letting people know the policies put in place and initiates the required steps that are needed towards accomplishing tasks. Leadership quality can have a large impact on organizational effectiveness and performance.. For instance, according to the author Tim Rath, leaders who share positive emotions have workers with improved:. Drawing on research involving nearly 4,000 executives, Daniel Goleman explores the leadership styles that contribute to organisational success in his article ‘Leadership That Gets Results’.. With the main objectives being to investigate the changes in leadership that has Leadership is one of the key driving forces for improving a firm’s performance. Further Reading Harvard business essentials : managing creativity and innovation, 2003, … Servant leaders strongly believe that they have a duty of stewardship. Many studies on leadership and organization performance posited that leadership traits and behavioural paradigm of the top management affects organizational performance (Argyris, 1995: Mahoney et al 1960). Thus, understanding the impact of effective leadership in organizational performance is very vital and important because Economist, sociologist psychologists, social anthropologists, philosophers, political scientists, social workers etc. Leadership Styles The top management plays a very vital role in an organization for uplifting its image and performance, as these executives carry the organization … The study examined the leadership style practiced at TumaKavi Development Association (TKDA) in Northern Region of Ghana and its effect on its organizational performance. Leader-member exchange as a mediator of the relationship between transformational leadership and followers' performance and organizational citizenship behavior. It is assumed that the kind of leadership style employed in an organization has an impact on its overall performance. Leadership style is the manner in which people are directed and motivated by a leader to achieve organizational goals. A review was done on the strategic leadership theories, models and past literature done by other researchers to adopt the various determinants that impact the organizational performance. The leadership style practiced by managers greatly influences the performance and productivity at the work place. The Impact of Transformational Leadership on Organizational Performance. An effective leadership style gives an organization a competitive advantage as well as management development. leadership and organizational performance conclude that despite a hypothesised leadership-performance relationship suggested by some researchers, current findings are inconclusive and difficult to interpret. If the strategic leadership is risk averse, a culture that encourages risk taking will not thrive in such an organization. From this review of related literature, it is evident that although some scholars believe that leadership enhances overall motive of the study was to recognize styles of leadership that had an impact on organizational performance. The purpose of this paper is to build a research model that examines the impact of leadership on trust, knowledge management and organizational performance.,An instrument containing six constructs (leadership: leading organization; leadership: leading people; leadership: leading self, trust, knowledge management and organizational performance) was designed and administered to … Taking the time to consider the types of leaders you have in your library could be a worthwhile exercise in terms of understanding leadership and its impact on your organization. ABSTRACT. This study aims to examine the impact of leadership style on organizational performance in selected Banks, in Lagos, Nigeria. It provides significant value for both practitioners and academics. This study examines the impact of leadership styles on the organizational performance. Leaders who are overly dominant or become obsessed with achieving goals can overlook various details in the business organization.