Objectives • To identify and address your concerns • To explore some complex scenarios Call us on 0808 800 5000 > Learn more about working safely alone with children. The PVG scheme provides information about how to get a PVG check (Mygov.scot, 2020)3. You should never wait until a child or young person tells you directly that they are experiencing abuse before taking action. > Learn more about managing allegations of abuse, > Learn more about preventing abuse by someone in a position of trust or authority. > Find out more about protecting children from online abuse, > See our example online safety policy and agreement. For example, a child has scratches all over her face. Accompanying videos to these case studies are available on our YouTube channel. In particular, interviewers should look out for answers that show no or little understanding or appreciation of children’s needs or expectations; that fail to … The safeguarding scenarios that we have created should help you to understand the possible issues you may be confronted with. the behaviour and abilities of your group, what the child said or did that gave you cause for concern (if the child made a verbal disclosure, write down their exact words). Every organisation that works with or comes into contact with children will have different needs for safeguarding and child protection. Even if a child asks you not to share what they have told you, you must report it if it means you are promoting their welfare. Not only when asking questions about safeguarding, but throughout the interview process, you need to be attuned to answers that are vague or unrealistic. Published March 2015 Updated July 2018. > Learn more about responding to bullying. They are primarily for safeguarding children, but some could be adapted for use when recruiting to posts relating to care for vulnerable adults. > View our range of introductory child protection training courses. You need to immediately refer the child to hospital and inform the children’s social care team. Report the image to the site or network hosting it. Safeguarding Children – Case Studies Ben is a 7 year-old boy. Register - Pre School. Every organisation that works with or comes into contact with children will have different needs for safeguarding and child protection. > Read more about vetting, disclosure and barring checks. Register - Visitors Log. Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) (2020). This guidance is for frontline practitioners and managers who work with adults who have care and support needs and who may be at risk of abuse or neglect. He is now being bullied about it by friends and other people who have seen the image. If a young person tells you they’ve been involved in sexting it’s important to be understanding and non-judgmental. Any organisation that works with children or young people should have clear and detailed procedures in place for reporting child protection concerns. > Read more about the role of the nominated child protection lead, > Listen to our podcast about nominated child protection leads. Get consent from a parent or carer if the child is under 16. 3 This ebook consists of two parts: - Part I: Top 80 child protection interview questions and answers (pdf, free download) - Part II: Top 12 tips to prepare for child … At night, the children and adults sleep in tents. Adults should sleep in separate, nearby facilities. You can also create an online safety agreement, setting out how children and young people in your organisation are expected to behave online. > Find out more about how and when to get criminal records checks. This guide is not a substitute for Safer Recruitment Training. Make sure the necessary health and safety measures are in place including first aid, fire safety and insurance. Talk with staff members about what they might do in each situation. Discuss the answers with the Safeguarding Lead in your pharmacy. The centre holds a range of activities for children and young people throughout the day. This includes providing personal services to children. For older children, organisations should carry out a risk assessment and consider if it is appropriate for them to go to the bathroom unsupervised. > Find out more about recording and sharing information. You should have your own safeguarding and child protection policy and make sure you know what to do if you have a safeguarding concern. Register - Nursery. At pick-up, her mom says she got them from the family cat. Our online training courses are quick and easy to access and designed to help you gain the necessary skills to keep children safe from abuse and neglect. Two volunteers at a local art group for children notice a father shouting at his 8-year-old daughter when he comes to collect her. Everyone who works with children should have been through a safer recruitment process and have had the appropriate checks. • Provision for children during this time. You should have procedures in place setting out how the organisation will respond to allegations against staff and volunteers. Never promise a child or young person you will keep something confidential. In the right column, you will find answers. As well as understanding how you must deal with concerns, you need to know what actually … When working with anyone under 18 you should undertake training to make sure you know how to recognise and respond to safeguarding and child protection concerns. You should check that any groups using your venue have followed safer recruitment procedures. • Safeguarding of baby from effects and accidental consumption. Then fold along the middle line. Children and young people demonstrate a range of sexual behaviours as they grow up, including sharing explicit messages and images (sexting). Help for adults concerned about a child > Find out how professionals use Gillick competency and Fraser guidelines to decide whether a child is mature enough to make decisions about things that affect them. 1. > Learn more about sharing information and consent, > Learn more about assessing a child’s competency to give consent. It might be helpful to have a code of conduct setting out how you expect people to behave when using your premises to help avoid any inappropriate behaviour. Jersey registered charity number AJC179. This short questionnaire can be used as an icebreaker activity when introducing safeguarding to staff, for example at the beginning of a safeguarding training session. We all have a responsibility to protect children from harm. Worried About An Adult? Make accurate and detailed notes about any concerns you have for a child and share these with your nominated child protection lead. One of the children attending has many bruises. > Find out more about the role of the nominated child protection lead. > Find out more about how regularly staff and volunteers need to complete child protection training. Safeguarding Interview Questions – 10 Teaching Assistant Interview Questions on Safeguarding Children. Incorporated by Royal Charter. Single Agency Foundation Safeguarding Scenarios – with trainer notes. A role might not be eligible for a criminal records check if it does not involve regular contact with children or young people but you should still carry out other appropriate checks such as having interviews and checking references. Safeguarding children quiz to use during a practitioner workshop. You should inform the child and their parents before you start that you may not be able to keep information confidential if you need to take steps to protect them. You will need to make an urgent referral to the local children’s social care team who will arrange for the child … > Get information on child protection training requirements in the UK, > Sign up to CASPAR, the NSPCC’s current awareness newsletter for policy, practice and research. Be sure to think about this … > Find out more about what level of child protection training your staff and volunteers need. Liaise with your organisation’s nominated child protection lead to draw up a safeguarding and child protection plan for the event which sets out your policies and procedures for keeping children safe. I have two sons, the eldest, Michael, is my primary care giver and keen business-man, and Stuart, a teacher who lives down south with his wife and two children. Call us on 0116 234 7246 If so, which category of abuse? They can decide whether a referral should be made and offer advice and support. An adult helper in a children’s church choir notices a bruise on the arm of a 7-year-old girl during rehearsal. It is important to distinguish between fact and opinion when responding to and recording concerns. If an allegation is made against someone in your organisation you must respond sensitively and promptly. The choir leader has a key role in the church and the helper doesn’t want to cause problems. Log for Incidents of Discrimination. Professionals in some roles may occasionally need to work with a child without parental consent. What to look for in an answer: Make sure they have someone to talk to and let them know they can contact Childline for free, confidential support at any time. At events where children will be sleeping over, separate sleeping facilities need to be provided for each gender and age group. Make sure all the organisations using your space have the contact details of your organisation’s nominated child protection lead. Some children can also feel pressured into sexting when they don’t want to. National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Help for children and young people If a child tells you they have experienced abuse, it’s important to reassure them that they have done the right thing in telling you. He doesn’t want the girl to stop trusting him because he said something when she asked him not to. Recognising and sharing concerns quickly with the appropriate people is important. A local builder has offered to carry out maintenance checks and small repairs to a community centre on a voluntary basis. When going to the toilet, younger children should be supervised by an adult of the same gender who has had the appropriate checks. > Read more about running safer activities and events. More information about criminal records checks in Northern Ireland is available from Access NI (Access NI, 2020)2. > View our range of introductory child protection courses. When responding it’s important to listen to all children involved and record details of the incident and any action you’ve taken. • Provision for baby. You are an employee at a local Leisure Centre providing a holiday club for children. 12. Safeguarding Crossword (answer … > Read more about hiring out your premises, > Read more about writing safeguarding policies and procedures. In Scotland, you will need a Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) check if you are undertaking “regulated work”. Jobs Make sure they know who the nominated child protection lead is and have their contact details. The builder plans to drop in when he has time in his schedule so can’t always give notice as to when he will be at the centre. It is important to get appropriate consent when undertaking a one-to-one session. The helper is worried about the child but is unsure what to do. Safeguarding Crossword. Please note: Not all of these scenarios will reach the threshold for a referral. You need to assess the risks of the service you’re providing and make sure that you have appropriate measures in place to work safely and responsibly. Any group or organisation that involves children and young people should have procedures setting out what steps should be taken if a child is involved in sexting as part of their overall safeguarding policy. Making Decisions – Lord … For safeguarding training, resources and consultancy. You should also consider any risks that may arise from the area around the venue. They’re concerned this may be emotional abuse but they don’t want to report it in case they have misunderstood due to the language barrier. Log for Incidents of Poor Behaviour. As part of your safeguarding and child protection policies and procedures you should have a policy around online safety. > Take our introduction to child protection course. You should also make sure you comply with the safeguarding policies and procedures of the organisation you are renting space from. The case studies provide first person narratives giving the perspective of each adult and child. A 15-year-old asks to arrange individual counselling sessions to talk about their problems in private, without their parents or carers. If you are involved in recruiting to posts with a safeguarding … Make sure the groups hiring your facility have enough adults to supervise their activity and take children to the bathroom. In England, Northern Ireland and Wales you will need an enhanced with barred list check if you are undertaking “regulated activity”. A helper at a Muslim youth group is great at working with children who attend. When somebody works or volunteers with children you should follow safer recruitment practices. If you’re thinking of becoming a social worker or working in children’s services, then you need to be prepared to face an interview. The volunteers have heard other parents worrying about the child and saying the father is often quite nasty. The child’s answer and the adult’s answers do not match or if two different adults give conflicting stories about how the injury happened. Emotional abuse: Speech disorders, fear of making mistakes, developmental delays 3. Parents should be informed of the situation and any reports or referrals made about their child, unless informing them will put the child at risk. You should also think about health and safety – if maintenance work is being carried out, is it safe for children to be around? If nothing changes, what impact will this have on the child? Children and young people should not be left alone with adults who have not had appropriate checks. Make it clear that groups must put adequate health and safety … Jade and Russ live in a converted van with Jade’s baby (18-months-old). If they are 16- or 17-years-old, carefully consider whether parental consent is needed. If you hire out a space on your premises to other organisations you have a responsibility to make sure they are taking the right steps to keep children safe. A Buddhist organisation regularly runs nature days for children in the summer with a range of activities. Log for Safeguarding Referrals. A village hall regularly hires out rooms to local community groups, including children and young people’s organisations. Differentiate what you’ve heard from others from facts and identify where information came from when making notes. You must ensure that all staff and volunteers understand your organisation’s safeguarding policies and procedures and feel confident following the actions they set out. Anybody working in or with your organisation should understand your safeguarding and child protection policies and procedures and agree to follow them. Ask groups to share their safeguarding and child protection policy and procedures with you and check that these are adequate. Every organisation that works with children and young people should have an online safety policy statement which sets out how you are committed to keeping children, staff and volunteers safe online. When he asks her about it, she hints that it was not accidental and had happened during her individual singing practice with the choir leader. Choose a suitable venue: use a room with windows so people can see in, or leave the door open. You should include: > Read more about recognising and responding to abuse. Don’t tell lots of other people about your conversation, only those who your organisation’s safeguarding procedures say you need to report it to. Access NI for individuals and self-employed. > See example online safety policy statement and agreement. You can use the consent form to get emergency contact information and check any medical conditions, allergies, disabilities or other vulnerabilities of the children or young people. Anyone who will be coming into contact with children should undertake training so they know how to recognise and respond to child protection concerns. “Tell me about yourself” – Social Worker Interview Questions and Answers Everyone in your organisation who comes into contact with children and young people should take child protection training to make sure they know how to recognise and respond to child protection concerns. NSPCC, charity registered in Scotland, charity number SC037717. Training should be a part of the induction process and staff and volunteers should do refresher training regularly. Children and young people must be supported and their views and wishes considered. Criminal record checks when you apply for a role. Registered charity number 216401. Children and young people who have been involved in sexting will need your help and support. Get written consent from parents or carers and ask children and young people if they want to be involved. Your organisation should have behaviour codes that set out how you expect children and adults to behave, including online. Any concern about someone’s behaviour with children and young people should be reported to the nominated child protection lead in your organisation. Make sure they know they have someone to talk to and tell them they can contact Childline at any time for help and support. Download our introductory guide for help and advice. This version includes the answers and explanatory comments, which can be edited out prior to the answers being given and discussed. var year = new Date(); document.write(year.getFullYear()); NSPCC / All rights reserved. This includes unsupervised activities such as providing advice and guidance on wellbeing. SafeGuarding Children – Check your Understanding Created by Kim Barfoot Feb 2013 Instructions: Following the delivery of the ‘Safeguarding of Children’ presentation, each person should complete the following quiz to confirm understanding. Our Safeguarding awareness course will help adults recognise and respond to signs of abuse and neglect. In the early stages of your safeguarding journey? Make sure an appropriate adult, preferably someone with safeguarding responsibility, knows the time and place when you are alone with a child. This is the case even if they are parents of some of the children in the group. If the child doesn’t want their parents or carers to know they’re seeking counselling, suggest they get support from Childline instead. The hall has limited toilet facilities so adults and children need to use the same bathrooms. Log for Children Subject to a Child Protection (CP) Plan. At the next rehearsal, he sees that the bruise has healed and the girl asks him not to say anything. > Read more about mandatory child protection training in the UK. Workshop, you might want to ask in these circumstances. Safeguarding Knowledge Quiz. > Watch our animation on how to respond when a child or young person talks to you about abuse. 2 Based on: Top 10 child protection interview questions and answers Updated To: Top 80 child protection interview questions and answers On: Mar 2017 3. Home / Training, events and consultancy / Safeguarding Hub / Safeguarding Scenarios and Quizzes / Safeguarding-child-protection-quizzes Safeguarding-child-protection-quizzes EYHub Admin 2019-07-19T10:34:16+00:00